Don Aycockr. Don Aycock is a pastor, seminar leader, and author. He has written 21 books and speaks at national conferences on writing, prayer, men's issues, and ministry. Don is married to Carla, and they have grown twin sons, Chris and Ryan. A pastor for more than 20 years, he is a pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Palatka, Florida. Don is adjunct professor of Public Speaking and World Religions at several colleges including Flagler College, St. Johns Rivers State College, The College of Central Florida, and Santa Fe College. Don has written and taught in the areas of prayer, preaching, writing, ministry, men�s work, and biblical exposition. He loves to fish, travel, and try to figure out all those Chet Atkins' licks on his guitar.

One of Don's editors, Joseph (Joe) S. Johnson, had this to say about him: "To me Don Aycock has seldom ever wasted a word. Before my retirement from a prominent denominational press, I had the privilege of serving as Don's editor. He was in his 20s when he published his first book with me. He is going strong almost 20 years later. His writing combines sound biblical understanding, day-to-day practicality, and down-to-earth illustrations. At the same time He is able to couch theological depth into layperson's terms, a rare capacity reminding one of Warren Wiersbe."

Reg A. Forder, Director of American Christian Writers, says, "Dr. Don Aycock has served on our writers conference faculty a number of times and never fails to impress the audience. He is articulate, informative, and delivers in a style that the people appreciate. As a conference director, I particularly enjoy working with Don because he is dependable and has proven his high integrity."

Don has been interviewed on numerous radio programs and has appeared on television programs such as "Among Friends" a PAX program originating in Chicago. His education includes the B.A. degree from Louisiana College, the M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Theology degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Don is represented by literary agent Jeff Jernigan with the Hidden Value Group located in the Los Angeles area-- HiddenValueGroup.com.

Don Aycock
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"[Living By The Fruit of The Spirit is] written by a person in touch with people who are struggling

and in tune with the Spirit... profitable reading for all Christians.

  The Theological Educator

"My words for His Word."

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